PUBG Mobile Marching for Android

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PUBG Mobile Marching for Android

PUBG Mobile Marching for Android

PUBG Mobile Marching (previously Called Army Attack) is a formal version of the sports PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS developed by Tencent for the Asian marketplace. It is one of both titles also unlike the Exhilarating Battlefield, in this situation, it builds on the first such as sea and air choices.

In which you need to struggle to the last person standing in this variant, just like its older brother, then you’re dropped right into a battle royale against 100 other gamers. The island battle that is monumental forces by diminishing in size you to maneuver. That way you’re certain to encounter a different player later or earlier.

PUBG Mobile Marching for Android

You will need to run, and controls have been accommodated from the first, crouch, and purpose. The HUD of the game shows information about the casualties that stand up on the staircase as well as where you are on the map. A method is to deal with the stock of things which you have struck on your quest.

You get tools which permit you to unlock alternatives for your avatar When you play with the sport, in addition to special equipment that begins at the beginning of the round on your stock.

Try out PUBG Mobile: the real match of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Marching.

  • [Get whatever you excited within this real variant ]
  • With Unreal Engine 4, symbolizing the PUBG world exactly like the first PC version.
  • Time to see with your fellas, such as army foundation, Yasnaya Polyana,
  • Kar98K, 8x-scope and what you recognizable.

[Small Display, Same Pleasure]

  • Each of the movement of weapons and characters is optimized for cellular.
  • Experience gaming enjoyment.

[Fight to be No.1, Now or not ]

  • 100 gamers, honest game. Prove your fighting strategy and revel in the gaming experience that is intense.
  • Winner winner, chicken dinner!

What is new in PUBG Mobile Marching

  • New map –
  • New training area map on the practice floor, exclusive that is single-player, an obstacle the management limitation, input battle drills, and prepare for your chicken!
  • The automobile – Ronnie, foot monster
  • Two car owners that are a new airborne revolutionary evolution of the car, the military! Poultry is eaten by A fresh monster to assist battle pickup truck to assist the jungle!
  • The team game
  • Together with the buddies to open the black of the team, take part in the king of the group contest!
  • A new variant of the Buddy Watch System. The buddy’s new variant can’t just play by themselves, but watch buddies eat poultry.

Friend system optimization PUBG Mobile Marching

  •  Maximize friends’ list, Now You Can place the priority screen
    For your friend, more suitable to provide group and coins two. Insert a gold postage that is tacit you can enhance the familiarity.

Action Optimization

1. Maximize the performance of the cut gun act
2. Maximize the functioning of this rifle as well as the performance of the hand
3. Maximize the performance of this run that is jogging/running
4. Optimize the picking actions performance
5. Maximize the climb/over the activity performance
6. Boost boxing action’s performance
7. Including a deceleration activity
8.3P lens functionality re-made.

Weapon-related optimization

1. Once the firearm is fired optimized the lens shake impact.
2. Improved the time following the ring.
3. Additional the style, the participant can pick in the atmosphere interface-convenient setting. Press and hold the button that is planning to start the mirror. It Is Going to shut the mirror when It’s released
. 4. Additional the operation of slipping the display after pressing on the mirror that was open to reverse the angle of perspective.
5. Maximize the accuracy shooter rifle.
6. Fixed the problem after the gear has the mirror which the firearms aren’t correctly displayed.
7. Optimized the bombing cartoon of the kar98k.
8. Pistols and the grenades will be shown on the personality.

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